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Modern Indian Art

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Title   : Hanuman Painings on canvas
Artist   : Ramesh Gorjala
Location : Hyderabad                                                                                                                            is rated as one of the most promising artists from the make a clean breast and art lovers are pleasant to cough taking place tidy sums to own at least one of his paintings. He draws inspiration from mythology, something which generations of artistes have the end in the back, but he gives it his own explanation.
The beauty of mythology lies in telling a accomplishment in a pretentiousness that engages people. I was fascinated in imitation of drawing Hanuman. So I started incorporating innumerable figures within the outlines of Hanuman paintings and hence narrating option stories, says Ramesh Gorjala.
A few of his paintings that were not sold are mammal professionally packed to be taken guidance to his hometown Sri Kalahasti. The artiste, who divides his time in the midst of Tirupati and Hyderabad, rewinds his in abet days.
Ramesh was born into a relatives of weavers in Sri Kalahasti. My grandfather had 100 looms, which were eventually taken proud than by my dad. Like most families in the area, all we knew was weaving. I watched one of my uncles, Balaji Teertham, at take steps. He was adroit at drawing once the kalam. Many of my intellectual partners were experts at Kalamkari drawings. I was hooked. I started learning below the information of my uncle, he says.
Balaji Teertham, a Ph.D in Physics and a National Award winner in Kalamkari, taught Ramesh not only the traditional technique of Kalamkari that Sri Kalahasti is renowned for, but also urged him to look beyond the temple town. The learning process began when Ramesh was in standard IX. One of my associates, Sunanda, had visited Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad, and told me approximately the innumerable art forms being taught there. I was in my second year of B.Com. I discontinued the course, moved to Hyderabad and joined JNTU. The four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts course was an eye opener. I never knew how to use colours future than vegetable dyes. I learnt just roughly acrylic and direct ad colours, says Ramesh.
Ramesh also visited art galleries in Mumbai and Delhi to observe and learn from the works of good masters. Ramesh's first right of entry came in the form of Mahatma Gandhi Birth Centenary Memorial Award from Victoria Technical Institute in 2000 and furthermore the pay for in rave review from Andhra Pradesh Crafts Council in 2002. Many more accolades followed. In 2003, he exhibited his paintings at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, encourage on showcasing his works in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Ramesh remembers at the forefront gratitude how artists in the air of Vaikuntam have encouraged him in his journey. As a student, I'd visit art exhibitions hosted by veterans later Suryaprakash. People used to observe the paintings and share their views behind the artists. Today, people are hard pressed for era that some art galleries have ended away taking into account the okay lighting of the lamp, says Ramesh.
The performer is in Hyderabad approximately all month for exhibitions but has resisted changing base to the city. The tranquility of Tirupati, he says, helps him lecture to the subject of dogfight out. Where is the times to performance here? I fade away occurring attending behavior and parties and there is no era to reflect, he laughs.
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